Samsung Galaxy SIII Firmware Android 4.3 experience

Samsung had a big mistake when enrolling Android 4.3…. Not only they made mistakes on several releases on different models (S3, S4, etc..) but also should give us support for TRIM and Gear.

I’ve 4.3 some weeks in use on my SIII.


These are my remarks :

  1. FM-Radio app stops playing music after some seconds starting in the morning (daily)
  2. UI 3D effect TouchWiz shows weird colors (red) while swiping  (after restart several days ok)
  3. Battery life is shorter, but more important unpredictable, sometimes I can use my S3 all day long and I still have 70%+ battery life while on other moments I see after turning it on for just some hours it shows me 54% battery life
  4. Tasks widget S Planner is gone, cannot be choosen anymore (!?)

I hope this will get solved in the announced 4.4 update. TRIM should make all things smoother and faster, I don’t share this feeling.

Let’s see what Samsung has to announce during MWC’14 in Barcelona.

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My Top 5 Paulo Coelho books

This is my personal top 5 of Paulo Coelho books. Funny thing is that this top 5 can change depending on my mood. I’ve read them several times, some in English, Dutch and Spanish.

Enjoy reading Paulo Coelho!

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Apple friends Microsoft

Good news for users who have Apple and Windows machines in their environment.

Without the urge to start a fanboy war I always see the pros and cons of different systems. I saw as an ICT consultant for many years, systems come and go but now there is an announcement for cooperation I support to come soon.

MAC OS X Mavericks 10.9

Apple will in MAC OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) replace their own AFP protocol by the SMB2 protocol as default setting. SMB is developed by IBM and later on due to the cooperation between IBM and Microsoft on OS/2 eventually evolved into Windows for Workgroups. Since that time SMB is the protocol Microsoft used for sharing via network.

In Apple’s OS X Mavericks Core Technologies Overview June 2013 is written they will use SMB2 as default setting. SMB2 is first used in 2006 in Windows Vista. The strange part is that Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2 uses SMB 2.1 and Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are using version SMB 2.2 which is later called SMB 3.0 while Apple only writes about SMB2 in their technical document (see page 21).

What is in it for me will a lot of readers think? The advantage is for the users that the connection between Apple and Windows devices will work better (= easier and stabile), faster and more important safer with also more features.

Why does Apple do this?

Apple is active in a niche market but also has to deal with competition like Google. Apple and Microsoft have a love-hate relation for years. They complete each other well. Since Apple uses Intel processor they also support installations of Windows on their computers. Taking the license of Microsoft for using SMB2 will a lot of users of MAC OS X stay within OS X without the need to go to Windows via bootcamp. Apple pays those royalties and it costs a bit but you will have best of both worlds.

On iOS, the operating system of the iPhone and iPad Office of Microsoft in available, you can download it here for free iOS Microsoft Office 365 via official iTunes appstore.

Microsoft Office 365 for iOS

Apple is believed that they in the new iOS7 connect Siri to BING, the search engine of Microsoft.

You see the cooperation gets some depth. Apple and Microsoft try to give some resistance to their common competitor named Google. Till now they can, sort of.

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