2 friends disappoint, but 1 new friend surprises me

Maybe you’ve already heard it… no? Under which rock did you stay the last days?

HP said goodbye to the HP Slate. For the people who don’t know what a HP Slate is… Microsoft in person of Steven Ballmer announced the HP Slate running Windows 7 on the CES. That’s friend number 1 🙂

Friend number 2 is Microsoft… I was, sorry I have to write ‘am’, charmed of the features presented of the Microsoft Courier, finally a way to say goodbye to my paper journal… but Microsoft has announced that the Courier will not come on the market. That’s disappointment 2…

It did took longer than most people who know me expected. The first product of Apple that has my support is the Apple iPad. I never been against Apple. I only think most users of Apple products believe the marketing a little bit to enthousiastic. But the truth is Apple always has the marketing done well. I think the iPad will be the start of a trend we will see in the market of eReaders. Their product exist and works. HP and Microsoft left this tablet market premature. Dutch announcement of the iPad has not been confirmed yet but rumours indicate availablity in the Netherlands around september 2010. Dutch newspaper Telegraaf and Autoweek announced their vision on iPad. Great!