6 annoying things of my new Samsung Galaxy S5

From my Samsung Galaxy SIII to the Samsung Galaxy S5…

My points of irritation… what I miss from my SIII:

  1. No FM Radio
    • I miss the ability to listen radio
  2. No agenda widget
    • With updating the SIII to 4.3 some widget regarding the calendar disappeared, but now it’s even incredible, only the mini-today widget is available, tasks and calendar widget are totally gone.
  3. Edge annoys sometime
    • Holding the phone give a non-pleasant feeling, sometimes…
  4. Charging is not handy with the protection covering the charge connector, wireless charging is still not available
    • I’m a bit afraid the same happened to the SIII, they also promised wireless charging, I never saw it appear here in shops. The S5 is now available on the market for weeks, still no S View Cover with wireless charging available in shops.
  5. Fingerprint reader not usable when using VPN
    • this is unbelievable…┬áthe fingerprint reader works pretty well. I was happy with it . I wanted to add a VPN connection and I had to switch to PIN or password security method due to security policy , so in other words, fingerprints are unsafe. Strange.
  6. Mic is very sensitive, sounds good, but people are complaining when I speak with them while walking outside, windy noise.