Bose understands customer satisfaction

I appreciate a lot the quality of sound. 2 years ago I bought the Bose InEar headphones. 99 euros for a headphone was in my opinion a lot of money but because I knew Bose had quality products which can not be compared to the quality of the ones of  20-30 euros. The included headphones of the iPhone4 did not met my personal demand which I want for bass tones. The free included headphones were a little bit lacking the warm sound.

The Bose InEar headphones did meet my expectations. The sound is really¬†phenomenal considering the size of these little headphones. I didn’t want to walk with such an enormous headphone.

Last week the unfortunate happened. Suddenly my left side of the headphone didn’t work anymore, no sound at all… Pity was my thought. I knew I had them longer than1 year.

Vorige week deed het noodlot toeslaan. Opeens deed mijn linkerkant het niet meer, geen geluid meer… Jammer dacht ik. Ik wist dat ik ze langer dan 1 jaar had. Showed my warranty to be 2 years on Bose headphones! I asked via their website I want to claim my warranty, if applicable. I received really fast a response by email with the instructions included how to send it to Bose for checking my warranty claim. I followed the instructions and sent my broken headphones.

Friday the package arrived from Bose… with… not my, repaired, InEar bose headphones… by my surprise I received a completely new Bose IE2 headphone. The succesor… I thought WOW… good. Let me see which things are improved compared to my ‘old’ model. I could conclude fast that Bose really listens to their customers. On a regular basis I received information, brochures and feedback forms from Bose. They really do something with this information.

The advantages of the Bose IE2 headphones compared to the previous model:



  1. Bose added an additional appendix to their previous design to ensure it fits and stays on place better
  2. In the previous model sometimes they fall of the headphone but now they created an extra notch
The complete headphone looks more robust, and also has a sleeker design:
I’m fan of the Bose Acoustimass 15 home cinema speakers and the….

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