In 2008 Windows had less found exploits

In 2008 Windows operating systems less exploit/leaks were found than in other systems as Linux and Mac OS X.

Before I have indicated that it’s not so bad with the insecurity of Windows than some would like to believe us.  It appears that exploits in Linux or Mac OS X are more awful or just awful. 

Now X-Force did a research and came to the following conclusion: 

Apple Mac OS X had more than 14% of the leaks.  Linux had more than 10% of the leaks. 

Amusingly is also that Windows XP (5,5%) comes on the 5th spot and unsafer is than Windows Vista (5,1%).  I did not expected otherwise because Microsoft do well know what they should do.  You can read the original article on:

You can see it’s not easy to claim a safe operating system because a lot of time the least secure are saying Windows is unsecure.

It is commonly known exploits are normal in operating systems. 

You have to install more patches under Linux or Mac OS X than by Windows operating system. This saves again money for maintenance for businesses which use Windows as operating system, yet to be silent about  the safety risk.

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Posted by Ramond - 3 February 2009 at 20:57

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