How-to Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG) Cloudkey VPN without Radius server (local users)

I wanted to use VPN without mandatory installing a Radius server. This is possible with an Ubiquiti USG if you follow the following instruction strictly:

Read this official instruction before you continue reading mine. It’s very important you understand and follow the instruction step by step. I strongly advice to create a ticket with Ubiquiti support because no system, network and circumstances are the same. Also instructions change very fast because of the updates. If you don’t know what to do, ask for help. The version when I installed VPN was 5.3.8 and when created this document 5.4.11.

1. Create config.gateway.json file

First your create a textfile with filename ‘config.gateway.json’. Be aware you don’t have any other extension (for eg. txt or other, it has to be .json)

Content of this textfile :


    “vpn”: {

        “pptp”: {

            “remote-access”: {

                “authentication”: {

                    “local-users”: {

                        “username”: {

                            “user1”: {

                                “password”: “password1”


                            “user2”: {

                                “password”: “password2”




                    “mode”: “local”







Save this as config.gateway.json. In this example two users were created: user1 with password password1 and user2 with password password2. Change this in something you want.

2. WinSCP

Download and install WinSCP.

Start WinSCP and connect to the IP address of your Cloudkey. Use the credentials (username/password) of your Cloudkey to login.

Go to the directory /srv/unifi/data/sites/default (or how you named your site).

Copy here the created config.gateway.json.

3. Create network for VPN

Go to settings in Unifi and click Networks, click CREATE NEW NETWORK.

Fill in the information like shown below and click on CREATE NEW RADIUS PROFILE.

Fill in the information like below:

You can use the information like mentioned in the instructions of Ubiquiti (link top of the page)i. Click on SAVE and click again on SAVE.

When the USG completed it’s provisioning you will be able to use VPN with using the username/password you created.




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Cloud services used by myself

Cloud services…

More often you hear this question regular users have… what is Cloud? The Apple iPhone and iPad users asking themself why should I place things in iCloud ?

What is Dropbox and what does it do? Has it an advance for me?

All questions the users have because almost all cloud service providers yell to use their service but lack to explain what the advantage would be for them.

Ofcourse has every advantage also a disadvantage like Johan Cruijff said before 🙂

Disadvantage cloud :

  • files/applications are stored in Cloud provider
  • need a reliable internet connection for good user experience
  • what happens with your files/applications when provider gets bankrupt ?
  • security depended on features supplied with provider

Advantage cloud :

  • uptime monitoring done by cloud provider
  • maintenance done by provider
  • security done by provider (also mentioned as disadvantage, but most users lack or have no knowlegde of security to cope with this well while the provider is more capable to do.)
  • easier scaling

Due to the introduction of Apple iCloud cloud computing became more familiar known by the public. Cloud services were years before the word Cloud came already in use. Companies had for many years their servers made available for their mobile users by using Citrix and/or VMWare virtual servers via external networks (early days dial-in, later internet). Nowadays cloud services are very affordable services which are not exclusively being used by companies.

Some years ago I decided to supersede my home server by a NAS. I want to replace all services I was running on my server with a cloud replacement. My exception was my files I still wanted to have available locally, so I was able to access them even when internet was down. You have to think about documents, video and photos files.

The advantage to migrate these services to the cloud was the utilization of my server which would free a lot of capacity (storage, bandwidth, memory and CPU).

Backup cloud service

First I took care of my local running backups (do this people!) with an additional backup to the cloud.

Crashplan Cloud backups

Crashplan Cloud backups

I’ve chosen for Code 42 solution CrashPlan with the unlimited plan on which I have now approx. 5.6 TB data stored as backup. (more details : feature compare).

File storage cloud service

To be able on restoring short term/current files I use Dropbox and OneDrive.

With my first Samsung Galaxy I’ve received 50 GB Dropbox storage for two years free. At the moment I have 11.5 GB storage without a paid subscription. On my new Galaxy I also installed dropbox so I can easy synchronize my photos and videos with my computers. In this way I have an extra backup of my photos and videos available of my smartphone.

The most important file storage cloud service is at this moment OneDrive. OneDrive is also part of my Microsoft Office 365 subscription, more about this later in this article.

I use Microsoft OneDrive 10 TB File Cloud Storage to save my documents and share them. I’ve used only 460 GB of the 10 TB. I save my documents always in OneDrive and let them synchronize with two of my local drives. In this way my documents are always available for me.

Microsoft OneDrive 10 TB Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive 10 TB Cloud Storage

I also use Google Drive Cloud Storage on my smartphone because it’s Google Android, but to be honest I never/hardly use it.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

SAAS offers the advantage that you can use software from the cloud without having the need for own servers.

After I moved my backup and files to the cloud I deprecate my Microsoft server software Small Business Server 2008. To maintain and keep up with the security by regularly maintenace (minimum 1x week) is too time consuming. I didn’t want to lose free time on this. When a server experience downtime due to hardware failure or a power outage it consumes time to get it again up and running.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Choosing Microsoft Exchange Online I was able to get the same functions while I had SBS 2008 while now Microsoft is doing maintenance tasks. A crash of my Exchange server would imply that I have to take actions so other users are not experience the impact of the crash and have to wait for email working again. Now the connections are not to my server on my internet connection so whenever my connection or server is failing the email users are not affected. In this way the stress is relieved. Love it.

Microsoft Office 365

I’m a vivid user of Microsoft Office. I use Outlook most frequent but also of course Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Instead of buying every new boxed version of Office I decided last year to subscribe to Office 365. As an Office 365 Home subscriber you are entitled to share your subscription with 4 other persons which are also able to install one Office on their Windows PC or Mac and five installs of Microsoft Office on their Apple iPhone/iPad or Android tablet/smartphone. This for only 99 euro a year! I’m always being a big supporter to legal software (check out about Office 365 in my earlier written article: free does not exist).

Since Microsoft announced OneNote in Office 2003 I’m using it. You are able to maintain very easy your notes. Using the latest version you are able to synchronize with a lot of devices via the cloud.

Photos in the cloud

Google Photos Cloud Service

Since the introduction of Picasa3 it is possible to upload your photos from your computer to the cloud service of Google. Now they promote it even more since they decided to remove Photos from Google+ and make it a independant service : Google Photos Cloud Service

The photos and videos which you will upload (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc…) will get an unlimited space in the cloud. Limitation is the size of the photo, maximum of 16 Megapixels and videos can be FullHD in size which is still 1920×1080. In my opinion more than enough. (at the moment in some years we will demand 4K etc…)


Windows 10

Microsoft announced that on 29 july 2015 Windows 10 will arive to our PCs and tablets. I love Windows 8.1 as it is a great OS. I use it on my computers and tablet. The integration of OneDrive, Office and touch is amazing. People who don’t use a tablet with touch cannot appreciate the new interface. On my own experience I like it a lot and it’s very user friendly. Well done Microsoft. With the coming Windows 10 Microsoft will make it even a better experience. I’m sure!

Office 2016

Office 2016 is announced together with Windows 10 and will have a lot of touch friendly updates. I’m excited. I’m happy to have an Office 365 subscription so we will get the update as part of the subscription. Bring it on Microsoft! 🙂

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Take control of your own silence

Since mobile phones have almost the same power as personal computers there has been a lot of chances regarding the usage of mobile phones.

Mogelijkheden smartphone dmv apps

Who uses his phone solely to speak to other nowadays? Sometimes I notice people wondering why their phone is making that unknown sound. It’s a ringtone they have choosen months ago. It’s somebody calling! Your friends, family and collegues have of course a ringtone which you recognize within a second.

What should you do with all those different sounds or sometimes what do to about all those phones have the same sounds/ringtones?

1. Whatsapp

Whether you use Whatsapp on a Nokia, iPhone or Android phone, the sounds are the same. Glad to say you can change this. Did you know that you can disable the sound for group conversation for a specific time? Handy when you don’t want to receive every second a sound while that group is busy. If you don’t have/find this option, be sure you update to the latest version.

2. SMS

With some phone you can change the SMS ringtone. SMS is rarely used but I feel when I receive a SMS it’s because either someone is lacking internetconnection or is using an old phone. Most of the times someone wants to have a fast reply when sending an SMS. Even with Whatsapp, as also with SMS, it’s not sure it will be received, but I think people consider old fashioned systems more stable..

3. Facebook

More and more people are using facebook to send message to each other. It’s more popular than emailing. Less noise. You can set in your facebook app when and how to sound. Check these settings. It will give you more rest and relaxing times, as in less stress.

4. Email

I did even disable sound notification on emails. Email is not important anymore. Email is a medium you use when someone can respond whenever they care or just for information sharing. Did you know a lot of people only check their email once a week while their mobile checks realtime facebook messages?

5. Calling

I’ve created some groups : Familiy, friends and relations with their own ringtone. All people who are not in this group I hear a special ringtone.

6. Alarm

When you set an alarm be sure you don’t use the same sounds as a ringtone or other notifications. Otherwise an alarm does not have effect. If you think it’s a facebook or whatsapp message while it’s an alarm, you miss the alarm.


If you want help with this… send me a message via facebook or twitter…

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