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My Top 35 most used iPhone apps of 2011



I’m using the iPhone4 since a while and since a short time I installed an app for checking my app usage stats. I was thinking that it weren’t that much apps. At first I was thinking about making a top 10 iphone apps but I was surprised to see I had 35 apps in my list :


  1. Mail – the most used app according the stats was mail, of course due to the usage of push and automatic retrieval
  2. WhatsApp – The well-known app for sending text, pictures and video to your mobile phone contacts
  3. Facebook – Most popular social network app, surprisingly in my top 3. I think this is caused because Facebook combined chat and messages into one and so they managed to come on place 3
  4. Phone – Who statement is that iPhones are not being used as telephone are not talking about me. I didn’t know it either but the phone app is on number 4
  5. MobileRSS – a handy app that uses google reader, I use this to read and manage my enormous pile of information
  6. Music – Since iOS5 Apple renamed this app to Music, before it was known as the iPod app. I listen a lot of music via my iPhone
  7. Settings – I’m tweaking and checking a lot in the settings, which explains why this app is on 7
  8. BMI Calc – Tsja… Own made, currently the name is BMI Fast Calc – a free app to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) . I did a lot of testing that’s the reason why it’s on this spot
  9. App Stat – it’s the app I used for checking the usage of my apps
  10. Skype – the popular VoIP app
  11. Twitter – social media app of Twitter which I use to check news of topics I’m interested in
  12. myNZB – with this app you can manage downloads on your SABnzbd installation
  13. Safari – the included browser of Apple
  14. Opera Mini – another famous browser, I had expected this one to be used more often but I think Safari is 1 spot higher because it’s the internal browser
  15. Calendar – Internal calendar feature
  16. Messages – SMS text message app
  17. Flipboard – since a few days this iPad app also available as iPhone app. Superb application. I use it for reading my Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr updates.
  18. Camera – sometimes I make a photo or video…
  19. Facebook Messenger – chat application from facebook, using this makes it possible to chat realtime
  20. Miso – share which TV Series and movies I’m watching, I share it on facebook, sometimes on twitter and my website
  21. Hyves – biggest Dutch social network
  22. Photos – photo gallery to checkout your own photos and videos
  23. Pixelpipe – app where you can publish your photo or video to several services at the same time (I can’t find it anymore in the iTunes Store?)
  24. Reminders – internal app which makes it now possible to create a reminder based on location, reminder on arrival or leave and also the reminders of Outlook/Exchange
  25. Speedtest.net – check out your current speed of your connection
  26. Windows Live Messenger – MSN Live Messenger
  27. JaNet – network utility
  28. My Xbox Live – little app to do some social networking with your XBOX Live account
  29. Firefox home – with app app you can store and retrieve browser history, passwords and favorites on your iPhone, it’s not a browser but you can access everything from your firefox browser of your computer.
  30. MobileRSS Pro – same creator as 5. MobileRSS but more features. I prefer 5 because of the loading speed of the articles.
  31. Google+ – tsja… I don’t know why I use this.. had something to do with being SEO minded but I don’t see other friends and family using Google+
  32. ABN bankieren – App of ABN to use mobile banking on your iPhone
  33. HT recorder – App for recording memos on your iphone
  34. Contacts – internal app for all your contacts
  35. LinkedIn – social network app, LinkedIn is considered a professional social network

You can also read my “Top 10 most used iPad apps“.


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Funniest monologue US talkshow

It’s a while ago so I was thinking…. time for a new Top 6!

This time the funniest monologues in US talkshows. They all have their own charming ways and one day is different than the other day but if I have to make a choice I choose this top 6…

  1. Craig Ferguson (CBS)
  2. Conan O’Brien (TBS)
  3. Jay Leno (NBC)
  4. Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
  5. George Lopez (TBS)
  6. David Letterman (CBS)

Craig and George are funny with their sexual jokes. Jay and David because of their political jokes. Conan and Jimmy make the best jokes about general happenings…

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Top 10 Most used iPad Apps

Since some months I’m using Apples iPad, I wanted to share my top 10 mostly used programs on the iPad :

  1. iSense Adsense Check for iPhone, iPod and iPad (checking your adsense accounts)
  2. iAnnotate PDF for iPad (reading, mark PDFs)
  3. Air Video voor iPad (view any video on your PC/Mac anywhere (also via internet) on our iPad)
  4. F1™ 2011 Timing App – Championship Pass (view realtime stats on iPad during F1 game)
  5. Star Walk (look into the sky with your iPad and explore the universe)
  6. LogMeIn Ignition (connect to any LogMeIn client via your iPad)
  7. WiFi Analyzer (analyze WiFi routers, signal strength but also channel ranking) note : from iOS5 this doesn’t work anymore, but via jailbreak WiFiFoFum is still working.
  8. Facebook (Official Facebook app for iPad)
  9. Shazam for iPad (use Shazam to listen to a song and it will recognize it)
  10. Twitter (Official Twitter app for ipad)

Some apps need an active internet connection while using the app.

Updated because of iOS5 API changes

Clicking on any link in the top 10 will automatically open iTunes with the choosen app!

Update: My top 35 most used iPhone apps of 2011.

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