Take control of your own silence

Since mobile phones have almost the same power as personal computers there has been a lot of chances regarding the usage of mobile phones.

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Who uses his phone solely to speak to other nowadays? Sometimes I notice people wondering why their phone is making that unknown sound. It’s a ringtone they have choosen months ago. It’s somebody calling! Your friends, family and collegues have of course a ringtone which you recognize within a second.

What should you do with all those different sounds or sometimes what do to about all those phones have the same sounds/ringtones?

1. Whatsapp

Whether you use Whatsapp on a Nokia, iPhone or Android phone, the sounds are the same. Glad to say you can change this. Did you know that you can disable the sound for group conversation for a specific time? Handy when you don’t want to receive every second a sound while that group is busy. If you don’t have/find this option, be sure you update to the latest version.

2. SMS

With some phone you can change the SMS ringtone. SMS is rarely used but I feel when I receive a SMS it’s because either someone is lacking internetconnection or is using an old phone. Most of the times someone wants to have a fast reply when sending an SMS. Even with Whatsapp, as also with SMS, it’s not sure it will be received, but I think people consider old fashioned systems more stable..

3. Facebook

More and more people are using facebook to send message to each other. It’s more popular than emailing. Less noise. You can set in your facebook app when and how to sound. Check these settings. It will give you more rest and relaxing times, as in less stress.

4. Email

I did even disable sound notification on emails. Email is not important anymore. Email is a medium you use when someone can respond whenever they care or just for information sharing. Did you know a lot of people only check their email once a week while their mobile checks realtime facebook messages?

5. Calling

I’ve created some groups : Familiy, friends and relations with their own ringtone. All people who are not in this group I hear a special ringtone.

6. Alarm

When you set an alarm be sure you don’t use the same sounds as a ringtone or other notifications. Otherwise an alarm does not have effect. If you think it’s a facebook or whatsapp message while it’s an alarm, you miss the alarm.


If you want help with this… send me a message via facebook or twitter…