Hackers or scriptkiddies?

 Lately we can read of lot about hackers concerning wikileaks.

It’s kinda funny to see how politicians and journalists deal with this. I have to admit some people understand they profession… but I want to focus on the group which in 2010 still aren’t able to get the point.

Here on Dutch television I saw a newsreporter pronouncing hacking wrong, he pronounced it as ‘hakken’ which means slashing/cut wood… LoL… he did that at least 2 times…

Ok. Actually this dude is not that bad. I’m sure we won’t do that anymore the next time he receive the correct information.

I think it’s more wrong that people say DDoS is hacking. I like to see a hacker as someone who goes inside a system and leaves without leaving a trace. That’s a hacker IMHO. A hacker should also not considering to break something… kind of gentlemen’s agreement. It’s the sport to show you are able to do it. When I did this in the past I always left a note for the system administrator…

I see a DDoS someone who is knocking like a crazy one on your door and when you open the door he/she disappears… like… little rascals… annoying kids pulling your doorbell and run… You have to stop the things you are doing to look on the door, but then you can continue your activities.

I see a big difference here. If you distract people of business that much they cannot do their normal things you steal time and so money of them. There is loss…

Papers are writing in the Netherlands the cops are of a high level of cyber-awareness. I was really laughing when I read this. I have experience with this myself. Maybe it’s because of Limburg hasn’t have the competent people here but they don’t solve cybercrimes at all. I assisted several customers to make reports and evidence of businesses and people who were victim of cybercrime, never heard of it. All those cases, nothing. The questions they ask are really pathetic. It’s like the guy who writing down the police report just was happy that he just got his certificate of Word 2002, dislike his other collegues… That’s the level….

Than the structure of hack groups. I remember how we did this in the early days… There were founders and senior staff. Don’t let the term senior mislead you. Often senior staff members were people who were older then 18… yeah you got it… because of legal reasons… When I read the news a 16 year old dude did it wasn’t surprising me at all… then the 19 year old… He wanted to use his own IP so he can fight for the freedom of internet? Smart to harm a business with loss.. little lack of attention and horny for some publicity?

I don’t know but it’s funny that if a bunch of people gather on the street demonstrating against raising retirement age nothings happens but when a handfull of teenagers do some DDoS attack all the country is shocked.

The good thing is that finally some attention is given to the lack of security at government departments…. so there is also something positive about hacking… really….