The Ahold story continues

Due to a project I wasn’t able to write earlier about this. The dutch had yesterday mentioned that Aldi in The Netherlands… going to sell A-labelled brands (here).

I already wrote in my last article let the retail war start. Professor Molenaar didn’t saw (or still not see) as he didn’t believe the possibilities yet.

Odd that the next dat Aldi came with their change in market approach. That’s exactly entering the market in which AH supermarkets are being active. AH wants to fill in the gap they have towards the market of Aldi/Lidl. Aldi lost marketshare to Lidl and start to compete directly now with AH. The combination of internetactivities of food and non-food purchase dept will only strengthen my thoughts.

I find it kind of humor that the newspaper still not make this relation….

Aldi ook in de A merken

Aldi want to offer A brands