How to save your iPhone4 when it felt into water

Maybe you also have thought this several times…. This won’t happen to me…. Yeah right… and then it happens…

The same case with me… My iPhone felt into the water

What did I do to rescue my iPhone from the water?

  1. Took it as fast as possible out of the water (duh)
  2. Removed the protection case (had a lot of water)
  3. Dry the iphone with a towel
  4. Blew dry the openings of the phone. Only the next time I would not blow again but try to suck out of the air. I read on the Apple forum this is better because blowing will cause the water to go inside the phone
  5. The iPhone4 was working… till…
  6. I turned off and on the phone
  7. everything looked normal
  8. I wanted to put the sound volume louder but the phone showed me “headphone mode” while I didn’t had a headphone connected resulting in no sound.
  9. then I put off the phone and surprise….
  10. the phone jumped into recovery mode, where you have to connect the iphone on your PC syncing with iTunes which I didn’t want to do because of my jailbreak and the information on the phone. iTunes will do a restore and upgrade to the newest firmware
  11. I installed tinyumbrella and chose the option so the phone has to get out of service mode and just boot
  12. then I waited a while
  13. and… eureka! everything works well again…. matter of drying and choosing NOT to restore

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Updated : added download link and sources and corrected some words…