Created iPhone app for calculating BMI


Soon the app will not be available any more in the app store. This was a proof of concept, to show an app can be approved in the app store within 2 weeks. Download here the zip with original IPA : BMICalculator

Friday 2 december I had an idea for creating an app for the iPhone because a customer asked me a question which triggered this idea. I wanted to know how fast I was able to create an app for the iPhone. How long would it take from idea till the app was available in the Apple iTunes App Store. Today I got the answer : it took me 9 days. Today, 13 december, Apple approved the app.

I created the app in English, Spanish, German and Dutch. It’s a free app. Income has to come from the advertisements.

More information about this app : BMI Fast Calc

Immediately download the app via iTunes Store : BMI Fast Calc download

Lot’s of fun with it!