My Top 35 most used iPhone apps of 2011



I’m using the iPhone4 since a while and since a short time I installed an app for checking my app usage stats. I was thinking that it weren’t that much apps. At first I was thinking about making a top 10 iphone apps but I was surprised to see I had 35 apps in my list :


  1. Mail – the most used app according the stats was mail, of course due to the usage of push and automatic retrieval
  2. WhatsApp – The well-known app for sending text, pictures and video to your mobile phone contacts
  3. Facebook – Most popular social network app, surprisingly in my top 3. I think this is caused because Facebook combined chat and messages into one and so they managed to come on place 3
  4. Phone – Who statement is that iPhones are not being used as telephone are not talking about me. I didn’t know it either but the phone app is on number 4
  5. MobileRSS – a handy app that uses google reader, I use this to read and manage my enormous pile of information
  6. Music – Since iOS5 Apple renamed this app to Music, before it was known as the iPod app. I listen a lot of music via my iPhone
  7. Settings – I’m tweaking and checking a lot in the settings, which explains why this app is on 7
  8. BMI Calc – Tsja… Own made, currently the name is BMI Fast Calc – a free app to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) . I did a lot of testing that’s the reason why it’s on this spot
  9. App Stat – it’s the app I used for checking the usage of my apps
  10. Skype – the popular VoIP app
  11. Twitter – social media app of Twitter which I use to check news of topics I’m interested in
  12. myNZB – with this app you can manage downloads on your SABnzbd installation
  13. Safari – the included browser of Apple
  14. Opera Mini – another famous browser, I had expected this one to be used more often but I think Safari is 1 spot higher because it’s the internal browser
  15. Calendar – Internal calendar feature
  16. Messages – SMS text message app
  17. Flipboard – since a few days this iPad app also available as iPhone app. Superb application. I use it for reading my Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr updates.
  18. Camera – sometimes I make a photo or video…
  19. Facebook Messenger – chat application from facebook, using this makes it possible to chat realtime
  20. Miso – share which TV Series and movies I’m watching, I share it on facebook, sometimes on twitter and my website
  21. Hyves – biggest Dutch social network
  22. Photos – photo gallery to checkout your own photos and videos
  23. Pixelpipe – app where you can publish your photo or video to several services at the same time (I can’t find it anymore in the iTunes Store?)
  24. Reminders – internal app which makes it now possible to create a reminder based on location, reminder on arrival or leave and also the reminders of Outlook/Exchange
  25. – check out your current speed of your connection
  26. Windows Live Messenger – MSN Live Messenger
  27. JaNet – network utility
  28. My Xbox Live – little app to do some social networking with your XBOX Live account
  29. Firefox home – with app app you can store and retrieve browser history, passwords and favorites on your iPhone, it’s not a browser but you can access everything from your firefox browser of your computer.
  30. MobileRSS Pro – same creator as 5. MobileRSS but more features. I prefer 5 because of the loading speed of the articles.
  31. Google+ – tsja… I don’t know why I use this.. had something to do with being SEO minded but I don’t see other friends and family using Google+
  32. ABN bankieren – App of ABN to use mobile banking on your iPhone
  33. HT recorder – App for recording memos on your iphone
  34. Contacts – internal app for all your contacts
  35. LinkedIn – social network app, LinkedIn is considered a professional social network

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