Paulo Coelho Manuscript uit Accra

I just finished reading Paulo Coelho his latest book ‘Manuscript uit Accra’ which is a Dutch version of ‘Manuscript found in Accra’. I true fancy Paulo Coelho his books.

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Can you compare this book with his previous released books? I don’t think so. It’s written from a different perspective.

When I start reading it I was thinking which path does he going to but fast I was taken into the story like Coelho can do. He writes about life and all questions about it. Happiness, love, sex, lost, success, fear and believe are written in a descriptive and relativistic manner. A lot of issues will sound familiar but he knows how to write it down with a little more detail so the words choosen is better than as I would have try to explain it. Well done.

It is one of the thinnest book I’ve read from Paulo. I finished it really fast. However it’s in my personal favorites top 5 of his books. I don’t think it will become a top 4 book. Maybe after a while when I thought more about it this opinion can change but at the moment I feel it’s more number 4 or 5. In a while I will publish my top 10 here.

The wisdom discussed in Manuscript from Accra are simple but very aptly described. He offers no solutions but by reading the book he offers perspectives which you can decide yourself to do something or not do anything.

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I would like to thank Paulo Coelho for again writing a beautiful book. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Dutch Publisher Arbeiderspers for publish the book this fast in the Netherlands. Last but not least I want to thank Piet Janssen for translating the original book from Brasilian to Dutch in such fast notice and he did a good job. All these people did a lot of work to make it possible that this book came uit and we were able to read Manuscript uit Accra in Dutch. I enjoyed it a lot. I will also read th English version.