Professor Cor Molenaar doesn’t understand it at all : bought by Ahold

Lately I read the newspaper with more and more disbelieve. The news they published is days old or the experts they ask for explanation are not competent at this area of expertise. In this case I speak about the internet.

When I was 18 years my computer science teacher at the Technical College in Heerlen (NL) said to me you cannot earn money with internet while in that moment I earned more than his salary. He didn’t get it at all.

I generally don’t react on newspaper articles but because I also wrote yesterday about how companies are smart using our private information I wanted to react on something Professor Cor Molenaar said in a dutch newspaper. I think he doesn’t understand relational databases with contextual ad possibilities which are working, even proven to be working, e-marketing meets direct marketing.

He doesn’t know what you can do with this at the moment. Glad to know they are plenty people who know. I’m amazed that a newspaper points somebody as expert. Maybe in his area of expertise he is brilliant but sadly he is not able to see the relations between different fields of the real world, doing business.

I will now give a short example what I try to say. sells DVDs, game consoles, dvd players and televisions. Ahold is the owner of the AH supermarkets and sells snacks, in all varies : nuts, chips, candies, etc…

I was reading a brochure of Aldi or Lidl (a typical discounter) and what amazed me was the fact than I read underneath the ads of DVD titles I saw nuts being promoted. I was thinking at first, who in gods-name is buying DVDs nowadays. Typical last century if you ask me. But there is a market for this otherwise these companies wouldn’t use it in expensive brochures to promote it. Their target consumers is well chosen. These people don’t have an iPad or mediacenter for buying their movies or tv series digital. These targeted consumers want to buy a cheap DVD and… preferable eating some fastfood with it while watching. Circle of life is again completed. Well thought from those discounters. Their consumers will come to their store for one or the other product. These consumers are also likely to want to buy a bigger television compared to other target of consumers. Amazing clever. I’m sure Ahold knows this longer than you and me and they can see and invent hundreds of examples, focused on their targets.

The database of connecting with the AH bonus-card database will give interesting opportunities which give them the power to make more profit, if they do it smart. Ahold is keeping up with the fast growing market on internet. If the people at Ahold understand well enough internet or will break, has to be seen in the future but if a professor says in a newspaper he doesn’t believe in this… I would say please continue to give lessons. Ahold will do all that is possible to make profit of it.

Let the retail wars begin!

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