Samsung Galaxy SIII Firmware Android 4.3 experience

Samsung had a big mistake when enrolling Android 4.3…. Not only they made mistakes on several releases on different models (S3, S4, etc..) but also should give us support for TRIM and Gear.

I’ve 4.3 some weeks in use on my SIII.


These are my remarks :

  1. FM-Radio app stops playing music after some seconds starting in the morning (daily)
  2. UI 3D effect TouchWiz shows weird colors (red) while swiping  (after restart several days ok)
  3. Battery life is shorter, but more important unpredictable, sometimes I can use my S3 all day long and I still have 70%+ battery life while on other moments I see after turning it on for just some hours it shows me 54% battery life
  4. Tasks widget S Planner is gone, cannot be choosen anymore (!?)

I hope this will get solved in the announced 4.4 update. TRIM should make all things smoother and faster, I don’t share this feeling.

Let’s see what Samsung has to announce during MWC’14 in Barcelona.