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Bye 2015, Hello 2016

The year 2015 has almost come to it’s end. We are not going to look back, let’s look into the future.

What is going to happen in 2016?


I’m the most excited about the release of the Rift from Oculus. Finally VR in our own mancave. A virtual lap on the circuit, a wilde ride on a rollercoaster, playing in an epic story, getting scared in a horror tale, floating over someones Facebook timeline. It will all be possible. Expecting Q1 2016. See Oculus sends SDK 1.0 out


Expectation for 2016 is that Microsoft will reveal OneDrive placeholders will get reintroduced. This is necessary for the succes of tablets and smartphones. You cannot say users don’t understand the concept of placeholders while selective synchronising is even more confusing. I expect that they will solve this in 2016 by offering an update for Windows 10. (see also article Microsoft VP talks onedrive placeholders vs selective sync Windows 10)

I think we will see the first Graphic cards which support full feature DirectX 12 introduced begin 2016. VR and DX12 are the reasons in 2016 to upgrade your GPU.


Nvidia will introduce Pascal, which they will announce between 6 and 9 january 2016 during CES2016, see Nvidia will announce Pascal at CES2016


AMD has the Dual Fiji ‘Gemini’ postponed to 2016, with the reason VR, read it here

Star Trek Beyond
The movie Star Trek Beyond will be released in 2016. The year Star Trek has it’s 50th anniversary. CBS announced that in 2017 a new TV Series around Star Trek will be released, checkout

Red Dwarf XI XII
Red Dwarf comes back… even twice 🙂

Nice year of SciFi: new Star Trek movie and Red Dwarf 🙂 2015 gave us Star Wars again which was a very entertaining movie which will get blasted away in 2016 by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (14 december 2016).

Amazon Clarkson Hammond May

Jeremy Clarkson will return on screen, this time it is not on our TV screen but on Amazon Prime. Will 2016 become the year Amazon will be at last available in the Netherlands? I don’t see any clues it will.


Samsung will ship the Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016. Different rumours are already published but I think we can take a big bet on one feature. The new flagship from Samsung will run Android 6.x. Android 6 will get a special feature for the Edge screen, see

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32 or 64 bit, that’s the question…

With the announcement of Windows 7 more and more systems will be delivered with the 64-bit edition.

The most important advantage of 64 bit versus 32 bit is that you can use more than 3.5 GB in your system. If your computer at the moment is equipped with 4 GB you can only use 3.5 GB for your system and applications. With 64 bit versions either Vista or Windows 7 you can use above 4GB.

Your processor has to have 64-bit capabilities.

I have tested several versions especially with the focus on speed. Windows Vista and Windows 7 were tested in 32 and 64 bit on an AMD Turion64 X2.

My focus was looking for difference between the feeling of speed and working speed.

Editting a Full HD 1080p recording with adding 3 effect in Adobe Premire Elements 7 (32 bit version).

I did a surprising conclusion.

I had expected that Vista 64 would give a power boost, but this wasn’t true. I had Windows 7 32bit installed. The editting went without delays. The system was able to monitor the recording without sound stuttering.

Weird was this problem is known due to slow harddrives. The harddrive cannot cope with the stream. On the desktop computer I don’t have this problem due to faster harddrives, on the notebook I have. The weird part is that I was able to edit easier and faster on Windows 7 32bit than on the fast desktop pc.

I would have expected Vista 64 should perform the same or better than Windows 7 in 32bit… End conclusion is that Windows 7 is really faster with the same hardware even on 32 and 64 bit… On this ‘old’ notebook I have a preference for the 32 bit version because I can’t upgrade to more than 4GB. Also some drivers and programs cannot deal well with 64 bit yet. But it is really well compared to Vista 64.

I’m sure the next computer will be 100% certainly Windows 7, 64 bit edition…

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