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Bose. Only music. No Cables.

That’s the slogan on the Dutch Bose website about their new wireless on-ear headphone. That slogan had my attention right away.

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 I enjoyed the included wired headphone of Samsung. This included Samsung has such good sound quality that I even decided not to carry my Bose SoundTrue with me anymore.

In the short time I got the S5 the Samsung headphone broke twice because a fracture in the cable. People who know me personal know how careful I deal with my gadgets. Nearby the connector there was a loose contact. Because of the warranty I got everytime a new one. Only issue with this was that I had to go to the Vodafone shop, very inefficient regarding time. Everything nowadays can be done via web but this can’t. Pity. During this time I had to fallback to my Galaxy Note 10.1 headphone, which is still working perfect. I think that’s because it’s made with a thicker cable.

When my headphone broke for the third time I knew it fors ure. Never a headphone with a cable for me anymore. Awkard in your pants and the cable is always around your body anoying you. If you are honest to yourself, you don’t want cables.

I first bought the wireless Bose around-ear. The sound was great. My feeling was only that the headphone was a little too big to wear while walking. I felt slightly uncomfortable with such a big thing. The headphone itself was okay, but the bluetooth module on the side , I really felt like a family member of the Borg.

Bose Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Bose Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

After a day I visited the website of Bose and I saw they had a new model. The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth on-ear headphone.

Bose On-Ear SoundLink Bluetooth

Bose On-Ear SoundLink Bluetooth

The new model had at least no weird looking bluetooth module. The on-ear could easily fold and carry with me during travel. Also it had a longer battery life and yet I still had the Bose quality. I decided to buy the white edition as I found this modern looking.

Easy to travel...

Easy to travel…

I got it now for several weeks and I have to say I took the right decision. I got my S5 in my pocket, turn the Bose on and it pairs automatically. I push on the Bose the button and it starts playing the music without the need to take my S5 or use my Gear 2. Love it. THIS is how wireless music listening is intended.

Buttons easy to use

Buttons easy to use

The quality of the sound is so fabulous that I noticed I didn’t turn on the volume high. Just enjoying listening to the music, without the need to turn the volume on maximum.

Posted by Ramond - 20 October 2014 at 18:02

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