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What happens in 2010?

What is going to happen in 2010?

The manufacturers of television will change their focus from FullHD to 3D. HDMI 1.4 is already updated so their specifications can support 3D. Sony announced the PS3 will support this. Bluray discs should be able to provide content in 3D.

USB3.0 and SATA3 will be available as mainstream products. Actually they are already available for reasonable prices, ASUS and GigaByte have already mainboards with these interfaces. Thank due USB3.0 we will see some FullHD webcam on the market to provide realtime 1920×1080 filming and other nice applications which require lots of bandwith. USB2.0 was able to achieve 480 Mb/s as theoretical limit while USB3.0 will do 4.8 Gb/s (4800 Mb/s). Tenfold ūüôā In 2010 will these connections and interfaces become mainstream and find their way in new computers.

Consoles will focus on controllers. Microsoft announced their Natal. Sony will come with their Motion Controller. Online gaming will become more important. I think Sony will adapt some strategies of Microsoft like Microsoft Live! has. Not completely but something similar.

2009 was already showing 64-bit operatingsystems arrive on home computers. I see it around me more and more. A lot of users, even advanced users, are not aware of the fact their new PC is running, especially Windows 7, the 64-bit version. Because of this they choose the wrong drivers or applications. Adobe is providing more and more of their application also in 64-bit versions. In 2010 64 bit will become more mainstream, which is I believe good .

Socialnomics will become more important in relation of doing business on internet (Facebook, Hyves (typical Dutch), MySpace, etc..). I think internet advertisement will grow a lot.

In The Netherlands almost all Dutch televisionchannels will start broadcasting in HD. I expect that around march 2010 the commercial channel will do the transition to HD. The negotations are currently in progress. CI+ is completed. The contentproviders agreed now broadcasting can be in HD.

A different story…. I have the feeling Apple will grow their marketshare. More often you see this nice designed computers in peoples home but also in offices.

People are going to connect more devices¬†on internet. IP TV will grow more. Modern FullHD televisions have already functionalities builtin. Your TV is connected to the internet and you are able to see YouTube or ‘Uitzendinggemist’ (English note: you can review broadcasting of public dutch Television). Also DLNA and similar functions give you the possibility to view photos, videos and listen to your music streaming from your computer to your television. Because of this the television set will become a more centrale device for multimedia in the livingroom.

People will see live television events or rebroadcasts more often on the internet.

In 2010 I expect in The Netherlands to show the first commercially implemented Microsoft Surface solutions.

On the market of processor we will see more and more 4-core or quadcores to become normal. Processors with more than 4 cores will be available widely around march for a reasonable price. We will see the comeback of an old friend. HyperThreading shall again be implemented in this new generation of processors.

FullHD HDD camcorders will be available a streetprice around 400 euro and so available for the mass.

I don’t know exactly which standard will win the battle but I expect in 2010 a breakthru of looking for 3D without the need of the annoying glasses. I already saw this in the CeBIT in Hannover but I think in 2010 some manufacturers will leave the standard for what it is. I think that Philips will abandon their own system and choose for another. Time will tell.

In 2010 I expect that mobile operators in The Netherlands will change their usage policy concerning using VoIP on your internet flatfee subscription. We see this happen in some European countries.

In 2010 Spain will take the presidency of the European Union Council from Sweden.

Canada will organise the Winter Olympics while South Africa will do so for the World Cup Soccer.

From Kennedy Space Center in Florida a historic mission will start named STS-133. This will be the last mission in which the Space Shuttle will be operational. 2010 is the last year the space shuttle will be active. The successor is ready and it’s name is Orbital Space Plane, sometimes called OSP.

Will E-Book readers play an important role in 2010? I don’t know for myself. I’m not an e-book reader. Ofcourse, sometimes it’s handy to search technical things. A searchable ebook is handy. We will see.

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Posted by Ramond - 26 December 2009 at 23:24

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32 or 64 bit, that’s the question…

With the announcement of Windows 7 more and more systems will be delivered with the 64-bit edition.

The most important advantage of 64 bit versus 32 bit is that you can use more than 3.5 GB in your system. If your computer at the moment is equipped with 4 GB you can only use 3.5 GB for your system and applications. With 64 bit versions either Vista or Windows 7 you can use above 4GB.

Your processor has to have 64-bit capabilities.

I have tested several versions especially with the focus on speed. Windows Vista and Windows 7 were tested in 32 and 64 bit on an AMD Turion64 X2.

My focus was looking for difference between the feeling of speed and working speed.

Editting a Full HD 1080p recording with adding 3 effect in Adobe Premire Elements 7 (32 bit version).

I did a surprising conclusion.

I had expected that Vista 64 would give a power boost, but this wasn’t true. I had Windows 7 32bit installed. The editting went without delays. The system was able to monitor the recording without sound stuttering.

Weird was this problem is known due to slow harddrives. The harddrive cannot cope with the stream. On the desktop computer I don’t have this problem due to faster harddrives, on the notebook I have. The weird part is that I was able to edit easier and faster on Windows 7 32bit than on the fast desktop pc.

I would have expected Vista 64 should perform the same or better than Windows 7 in 32bit… End conclusion is that Windows 7 is really faster with the same hardware even on 32 and 64 bit… On this ‘old’ notebook I have a preference for the 32 bit version because I can’t upgrade to more than 4GB. Also some drivers and programs cannot deal well with 64 bit yet. But it is really well compared to Vista 64.

I’m sure the next computer will be 100% certainly Windows 7, 64 bit edition…

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Posted by Ramond - 16 August 2009 at 22:15

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