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Nest Protect V2 battery smoke alarm

August 21, 2015 around 18:50 we heard a loud siren echoing through our street. Shortly after it stopped so it had to be close. Indeed. There was a fire a few houses down across the street. We went to take a look. On leaving we saw come out the flames all over the rooftops. No small fire but a violent one.

At the site of the disaster arrived were already many local residents in amazement watching the blaze. The neighbors were evacuated and everyone wondered whether victims had fallen. The ambulance stopped and was not driving away with sirens. To make a long story short. I immediately thought, damn, this can also happen to us.

I had read about Nest Protect. The new generation of smoke / fire detector. At that time I still thought why would I want to. The incident in the street rang a bell. The internet capabilities of the Nefit Easy we still find a nice addition. Monitoring and setting via the Internet through an app on your phone. It would be nice to also have smoke alarms that are capable do this. I knew they were not cheap but told myself that I want to be able to intervene as quickly as possible if there is a fire. We have fire insurance but most of the stuff that have emotional value we want to still like to quickly secure through rather to enable the emergency services.

We can therefore respond quickly to put ourselves in safety. What is a human life worth? Priceless. What are irreplaceable memories worth? Of course much less like a lifetime but not much less as priceless.

I have ordered several items from Cool Blue. At first I wanted to order directly through but there was no direct volume discount while at Cool Blue was a discount at 3+ items (see /nest-protect-triple-pack.html).

The installation was a revelation. I myself may affix the label myself as not really useful. I had seen a movie istructie (see which showed that you do not need to drill. My ‘Yeah’ moment because I’m not a handyman. Upon opening the box I saw the screws there. I installed my Nest Protect V2 in less than half an hour. Installing the app and mounting 🙂


From security point of view I’m bothered with something I think can’t be accepted in 2015. You cannot create multiple accounts in Nest and are not able to create family accounts. Their advice is literal “share your credentials”. This is really the worst security advice I’ve heard in years, from a Google company. Shocking… Checkout

It’s not an issue sharing information with your family but this is not acceptable in a multi-user world.

Nest Protect not multi user !

Nest Protect not multi user ! (click on screenshot for actual size)

Posted by Ramond - 2 September 2015 at 11:35

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