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32 or 64 bit, that’s the question…

With the announcement of Windows 7 more and more systems will be delivered with the 64-bit edition.

The most important advantage of 64 bit versus 32 bit is that you can use more than 3.5 GB in your system. If your computer at the moment is equipped with 4 GB you can only use 3.5 GB for your system and applications. With 64 bit versions either Vista or Windows 7 you can use above 4GB.

Your processor has to have 64-bit capabilities.

I have tested several versions especially with the focus on speed. Windows Vista and Windows 7 were tested in 32 and 64 bit on an AMD Turion64 X2.

My focus was looking for difference between the feeling of speed and working speed.

Editting a Full HD 1080p recording with adding 3 effect in Adobe Premire Elements 7 (32 bit version).

I did a surprising conclusion.

I had expected that Vista 64 would give a power boost, but this wasn’t true. I had Windows 7 32bit installed. The editting went without delays. The system was able to monitor the recording without sound stuttering.

Weird was this problem is known due to slow harddrives. The harddrive cannot cope with the stream. On the desktop computer I don’t have this problem due to faster harddrives, on the notebook I have. The weird part is that I was able to edit easier and faster on Windows 7 32bit than on the fast desktop pc.

I would have expected Vista 64 should perform the same or better than Windows 7 in 32bit… End conclusion is that Windows 7 is really faster with the same hardware even on 32 and 64 bit… On this ‘old’ notebook I have a preference for the 32 bit version because I can’t upgrade to more than 4GB. Also some drivers and programs cannot deal well with 64 bit yet. But it is really well compared to Vista 64.

I’m sure the next computer will be 100% certainly Windows 7, 64 bit edition…

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Posted by Ramond - 16 August 2009 at 22:15

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LG KU-990 Viewty review

This mobile phone is on the market for a while. I want to review this phone from the IT perspective.

What takes my attention when I unpack the phone is the quality feeling of this product, feels strong. There is a mini-cd with installation software included.

I start rightaway about this installation software. It’s not as well-made as for example the Windows Mobile-devices. Because the program needs administrator permissions when starting up, I think this phone proves itselfs to be a consumerproduct and not meant for the (semi-) professional users.

I can’t imagine a corporate has to review their security policies because someone has a KU-990 which he wants to synchronise at the office. This kind of software should not be started with administrator permissions. To install this mobile with this user I gave the user administrator permissions. Pity, because of this I will not recommend this phone to mid-/bigsized companies. Maybe in the future LG will make a firmware update and/or software update available where this is fixed. Before people start screaming it’s the fault of Windows Vista, it is not. It is not well programmed.

Then the provided cables. What I find a weak point from LG, Nokia and Samsung is that they always use their own cables. You are dependable on them. I understand they want to make profit on the chargers and data-cables, but also I think that is not acceptable in this era anymore. For example HP and HTC are supporting since a while mini-usb connectors. If a cable brokes, you can buy a standard mini-usb cable for around 8-9 euros, while the depended labelled cables are tens of euro’s, idem dito for chargers.

You can ofcourse also synchronise with BlueTooth, but because it’s not a Windows Mobile device you will not be able to synchronise all the thing you would like.

Synchronising with the deliverd USB-cable went fast because of the USB 2.0 connection. Synchronising with Outlook 2007 went fast and with no hassle via the LG provided program, LG PC Suite 2. Again, don’t expect Windows Mobile 6.1 level. It does what it should do, synchronising calendar-, contacts- and task-data between the phone and Outlook, nothing more nothing less.

What I surely miss is the possibility to use the USB-connection simultaneously as Data (Outlook, etc.. synchronisation) and as Mass Storage. If you set the USB-connection on Mass Storage you will be able to access the phone internal memory and if available the external memory via Windows Explorer. Maybe a new firmware will make this possible in the future. If I need to explain the user he/she needs to change the settings of the USB-connection everytime he/she wants to synchronise or data or outlook I can’t speak about an userfriendly solution.

The quality of the photos are amazingly well. I did transfer some test photos to the PC and they were from a good quality. Do not expect 5MP Canon IXUS or Panasonic Lumix pictures, but they are still better compared to the older generation digital cameras. I would like to compare it with an older 3.2MP Canon, somewhat better. Which is not bad for a mobile phone!

End conclusion is that it’s a nice gadget for consumers. For professional usage it’s my humble opinion it has a lack of features necessary for business us. I’m looking forward to the new Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.

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Posted by Ramond - 5 October 2008 at 03:33

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De Wereld Van Debiele IT´ers : VISTA

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Posted by Ramond - 6 August 2008 at 12:20

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