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HP Slate (HP modelno XB830PA) will come…

It’s been quiet since a while about the HP Slate… and when you don’t expect it… you find some pages on the HP site with several information about the new HP Slate tablet PC. The HP Slate is a tablet PC which is running on Windows 7 Premium.

The modelnumber HP assigned the device is XB830PA. You can read here the information on the HP site. That the product is almost final is because I also found the accessoiries page which is :

It won’t take a long time before everything comes official. We need to have a little bit patience….

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Posted by Ramond - 21 July 2010 at 17:19

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Windows 7 GodMode

Met GodMode kun je in Windows 7 een map maken waardoor je handig bij veel optie’s kunt komen.


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Posted by Ramond - 6 January 2010 at 22:57

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Windows 7… history repeats…

Windows 7 is now available for some day. We hear nothing than positive reviews. What I think is fascinating because everone speaks positive about Windows 7. I don’t going to bash Windows 7, because I already found Vista a great product. It’s not their fault a lot of technicians could not cope with the changes Vista had and they didn’t understand it.

Funny thing is that Windows 7 should be on the market within 2-3 years. Now Microsoft has put it faster on the market to ‘please’ the consumers. Funny in a technical view is that Windows 7 is created based on Vistas code. Isn’t that strange. Vista was that annoying OS… but now put into a new jacket and look everybody likes it.

This is the proof that those technicians are nothing more than a herd of sheep… simple followers

I was thinking Windows 7 should start the beginning of accepting 64 bit in an OS. According the first numbers of sales of HP, Samsung and ASUS you can indeed see a lot of 64 bit OS are being sold with new computers.

History again repeats itself. People complaining that Windows is a bad thing, while it’s not that bad at all. A lot is said because of misinformation and incompetent consultants. Microsoft knows how to deal well with this.

Do I advise Windows 7 above Windows Vista? I have to say it works comfortable. A lot of new features are added which don’t look important in a first glance. But they give you such a nice feeling when working that you miss it when going back to Vista.

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Posted by Ramond - 29 October 2009 at 16:45

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