Top 10 iPad Apps

Top 10 iPad Apps :

1. Formula 1 ’10 Timing App

  • When I saw this app on Youtube, I was sure…I had made the correct choice.  This App shows that the iPad is more than just a color eBook reader. It’s worth the price of 30 US$.  I follow Formula One strictly. While watching I have always my statistics with me, realtime. This is a good addition.

2. RDP Lite

  • Remote Desktop Connection Client which allows your iPad to make RDP sessions. I tested it with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Windows 2008 Server 64 bit. Works great and is free!

3. iAnnotate PDF

  • Turn your iPad into a PDF reader with a lot of features

4. QuickVoice Recorder

  • This little and free app is really handy. You can record your notes via the builtin mic and send it via e-mail

5. Sociable

  • Twitter and Facebook (note : app doesn’t exist anymore in app store)

6. Adobe Ideas

  • Draw your own ideas and send them by e-mail. The receiver will see a PDF file with your drawing. Easy, simple but effective

7. Siphon (orginally an iPhone app)

  • SIP on your iPad. I tested it with several SIP VoIP accounts and it works well!

8. Photoboard HD

  • A funny way to share your photo’s in a natural viewing way…

9. ComicZeal

  • Read all your digital comics in color without converting them

10. Reuters News Pro

  • Nice app of Reuters with news.