Windows 7… history repeats…

Windows 7 is now available for some day. We hear nothing than positive reviews. What I think is fascinating because everone speaks positive about Windows 7. I don’t going to bash Windows 7, because I already found Vista a great product. It’s not their fault a lot of technicians could not cope with the changes Vista had and they didn’t understand it.

Funny thing is that Windows 7 should be on the market within 2-3 years. Now Microsoft has put it faster on the market to ‘please’ the consumers. Funny in a technical view is that Windows 7 is created based on Vistas code. Isn’t that strange. Vista was that annoying OS… but now put into a new jacket and look everybody likes it.

This is the proof that those technicians are nothing more than a herd of sheep… simple followers

I was thinking Windows 7 should start the beginning of accepting 64 bit in an OS. According the first numbers of sales of HP, Samsung and ASUS you can indeed see a lot of 64 bit OS are being sold with new computers.

History again repeats itself. People complaining that Windows is a bad thing, while it’s not that bad at all. A lot is said because of misinformation and incompetent consultants. Microsoft knows how to deal well with this.

Do I advise Windows 7 above Windows Vista? I have to say it works comfortable. A lot of new features are added which don’t look important in a first glance. But they give you such a nice feeling when working that you miss it when going back to Vista.