Windows 8 why you should migrate now… and take the discount and free goodies

Last month Microsoft introduced the latest Windows version named Windows 8. With Windows 8 Microsoft is going to true to conquer also the tablet market. In this article I will first discus some casual user interests. Later on I will show some indepth information which is interesting for business users and tweakers.

I’m not going to explain the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT, see Microsoft article.

Fast after the introduction I got some requests for migrate some Windows 7 computers to Windows 8. Microsoft had on their site that all Windows 7 application will work on Windows 8.

Download Windows 8 or buy the retail box?

At first I wanted to buy the retail upgrade DVD box in the shop. Windows 8 Pro cost in this case € 59,99 (Dutch price in Euros). Then I went to search for the Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor tool and found out when this tool is finished checking your computer you can order Windows 8 by legally download it for € 29,99. I didn’t want a DVD and also saved the time for going to the shop and had an extra saving of 20 20 euros.

You can start the tool by visiting Microsofts site Buy Windows page (you now know for sure you have legal and genuine software) and choose “Download Pro for € 29,99”.

Migrate Windows 7 to Windows 8

I checked it myself several times and I have to say that the migration process till now works flawless. The setup program checks whether it is ok to migrate and what to do step by step.

Of all the migrations I did till today 75% were companies who had Small Business Server 2008 running with Windows 7 computers while the other 25% had notebooks/laptop which weren’t connected to a domain controller. All versions were 64 bit. Application works all flawless. Accounting programs like KING work well on Windows 8. Unit4 has even support for Windows 8 and also supporting tiles in Modern UI.

Getting from 64 bit Windows 7 you can easily upgrade to Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. I don’t expect problems with this, Microsoft did a good job.

New in Windows 8

Most discussed topic regarding Windows 8 is ofcourse it’s new user interface. The UI. In test version this UI was named Metro but now Microsoft is naming it Modern UI. With this new approach Microsoft wants to achieve you experience using your device more easy. How many people do start their computer to check email or read facebook messages? Not many people do this. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets. It’s good Microsoft tries to uniform the UI on those different devices. For current computer users the UI is maybe strange but new users will take advantage of seeing the UI on more and more devices and so can use it easier.

The discussion if Windows 8 is going to be a success or not starts to get a century old topic. Last century users were complaining about the transsition from Windows 3.x to Windows 95 but it was easier to use. The same happened from Win95/98 to Vista and from Vista to Windows 7. People, read users, do not like change. But till today I have to admit that everytime Microsoft had done it right. Everytime I think wow… Microsoft did saw that trend ready for mainstream users. I think, after while working with Windows 8, that they made a strong OS which is able to stay number 1 in desktop OS but also has the power to win a lot of tablet and smartphone users. Well done.

What in it for business users of Windows 8?

Windows 8 Pro is the business version of Windows. You are able with this version to connect your device to the domain of your company server. At the moment this will be most likely the Windows 2008 Server solutions like Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2008R2 server or Small Business Server 2008. Soon the succesor of SBS2008 is released and this will be named Windows 2012 Essentials. As Windows upgrade you get temporary Windows 8 Pro for € 29,99 liked mentioned above. If you bought a notebook, tablet or PC with Windows preinstalled it can be version Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. In the case you have Windows 8 installed you can get for a temporary discounted price an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. I found this when I found this link on the Microsoft website.

Windows 8 for tweakers

Often Windows 8 is mistaken by reviewers as a beginners operating system for dummies, but the truth is different. If I check out the detailed features I see a lot of happy system administrators and tweakers who will not go back to Windows 7. I show a little example like the new Windows 8 task manager.

Windows 8 taskmanager App history

Windows 8 taskmanager

Windows 8 taskmanager performance ethernet

Windows 8 taskmanager performance ethernet upload

Windows 8 taskmanager performance ethernet download

Windows 8 taskmanager performance logical processors

Windows 8 taskmanager performance total usage processors

Windows 7 backup file recovery in Windows 8 ?

When I had migrated a few Windows 7 Ultimate systems to Windows 8 Pro I was thinking why it’s using Windows 7 backup system and not the new Windows 8 version.

Windows 7 bestandsherstel in Windows 8

You have to disable manually the Windows 7 backup system and activate yourself the new Windows 8 file history. File history is almost the same then Apple’s TimeMachine or LaCie time explorer solution.